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Stigma Around Mental Health and Suicide: Break the Silence



Mental health is as important as physical health, yet it has long been hidden in silence and stigma. Unfortunately, the stigma around mental health and suicide has an unfavourable effect on individuals contemplating suicide. We must create a safe and compassionate environment where individuals struggling with mental health challenges feel relaxed in seeking help.

The Centre for Disease Control (CDC), explains mental health to include our psychological, emotional, and social well-being. And affects how we think, feel, and act. It also determines how we cope with stress, make healthy choices, and relate with others.

In this article, we will take a look at the harmful consequences of the stigma surrounding mental health and suicide, and together, we can aim to break the silence and provide the essential understanding and assistance. Aeglehealth understands this philosophy, and that’s why the app has features that provide solutions to your overall mental wellness.

Understanding the Stigma around mental health:

The stigma that is associated with mental health issues and suicide commonly arises from a lack of awareness, wrong information, and fear. Society will most likely view mental health struggles as character flaws or weaknesses while ignoring their genuine, biological nature. Many individuals feel forced to hide their struggles due to fear of stigma. This further contributes to isolating themselves from the help they desperately need.

The devastating impact of stigma attached to mental health:

The consequences of stigmatizing mental health go far and wide, preventing individuals from seeking suitable care and support. People struggling with mental health challenges often feel isolated and misunderstood, increasing their suffering and the risk of suicidal thoughts. By sustaining the stigma, we carelessly silence the voices of those in desperate need of healing and support.

How to break the Stigma around mental health:

1. Education: 

Creating awareness and understanding are important in breaking down the stigma surrounding mental health. We must ensure to educate one another about mental health disorders, their causes, and treatment options. By accepting the science behind mental health, we can control misconceptions and build empathy and compassion.

2. Choice of words:

Efforts should be made to avoid using derogatory words or jokes about mental health. Even as little as a casual remark can elicit harmful feelings and contribute to the stigma. Great efforts should be made to promote inclusivity and acceptance by carefully choosing your words.

3. Open Conversations: 

Promoting open and sincere dialogue helps to create a way for individuals to share their personal experiences without fear of judgment. We should try and create safe spaces in our immediate circles, work environments, and communities where individuals feel comfortable opening up about their struggles and emotions.

4. Support Systems: 

Building a robust support system that includes family, friends, and mental health professionals helps to control the stigma around mental health and suicide. Providing our support, practising active listening, and showing understanding can make a world of difference to someone who is struggling with mental health.

5. Self-Care: 

Making self-care a priority is essential for mental well-being. We set an example for others when we practice self-care and compassion. We should also always remember to advocate for our mental health as this will motivate individuals around us to do the same.

The essence of empathy and kindness to people struggling with mental health:

It is important to note that anybody can be affected by mental health challenges or suicidal thoughts. The stigma around mental health and suicide isolates individuals, making it even harder for them to seek help. We must promote a world where empathy and kindness rules, free of discrimination and judgment. By so doing, we can create an environment that encourages understanding, acceptance, and mental well-being.

Now is the right time for action. It is up to all of us to break up the stigma around mental health and suicide by eliciting conversations and showing the world that empathy rules. Together, we can eradicate the fear and misunderstanding that bedevil individuals experiencing mental health challenges.

Join the crusade in any way you can – practice empathetic listening, create awareness to educate others, share your personal story, or support mental health organizations. Together, we can break the silence and encourage individuals to not only ask for help but also offer support to those in need. Aeglehealth Talk to a Doctor Online is always here to support you. Simply reach out and talk to any of our experienced Mental Health specialists.

Every one of us can also be part of the solution, propagate understanding and empathy, and create a world where mental health is openly discussed, without stigma or judgment. Remember, your actions and contributions, no matter how little, can greatly impact someone’s life. Your small efforts can save a life. Together, let’s recognize mental health and support one another.

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